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Kids' Competitive International Latin Program

Childhood presents a precious window of opportunity to cultivate solid foundations that last a lifetime. Cavallo DanceSport Academy's Kid's Competitive International Latin Program will teach your child discipline, dedication and focus, social grace and personal presentation skills.

Our fun, rigorous training program is flexibly designed to meet any child's (ages 4 and up) abilities and needs. Students will receive coaching in all five International Latin dances and learn how to dance with and without a partner.  Read below for a description of levels and curricula.

What's more, our Kid's Competitive International Latin program consistently produces youth champions and finalists at regional and national DanceSport events. Let us bring your child to top!


Beginner (Beginner Bronze & Full Bronze Division)

  • Basic syllabus steps in closed position
  • Basic arm and body coordination
  • Proper posture and feet placement
  • Basic rhythms
  • Gradual emphasis on technique, dance patterns, and choreographies


Intermediate (Silver Division)

  • Builds upon dance foundations learned at the beginner level
  • Greater complexity of syllabus steps and patterns
  • Arm and body styling
  • Greater emphasis on technique, e.g., body rotation and twisting, lengthening of body lines
  • Use of more intricate rhythms


Advanced (Gold Division)

  • Highest level of syllabus steps, used in open level and professional routines / choreographies
  • Advanced arm and body coordination
  • Advanced technique
  • Development of strong performance abilities and mind and body conditioning
  • Transition to Open choreography and positions


Open Division

  • Imagine ABC�s popular show Dancing with the Stars! � Amazing routines. Beautiful costumes. Excitement!
  • Advanced arm and body coordination and technique
  • Performance, interpretation, and characterization of each
  • Requires strong body preparation (flexibility, core strength, speed, control, focus, awareness)



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